Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TMI Tuesdays - the TV edition *edited

Mary's blog post made me think of posting about this.

In general, we all know that TV shows don't tend to stay on the air for a very long time.  However, 1G1D1Y is fond of telling me to refrain from liking TV shows that she likes since the shows I like tend to get canceled (in my opinion) before their time.

**pausing to mention that Hubs just walked in to complain about me having MuchMoreMusic on and the video was kind of annoying.  He looks at me and says, "What are you watching? Is that whatshername, Ke$ha?"

I didn't think it was but I was wrong and Hubs was right.  Then I had to mock him for knowing who Ke$ha is since Hubs is 43 and his fav band is, Rush and he hates almost all current music.

And now, back to my previously scheduled post, already in progress.**

So, without further ado, I am going to list a number of the shows that were canceled in 4 seasons or less, that I own on DVD and love, though the first one on the list will be one that fucking NBC has NOT released on DVD and I'm really annoyed about it.

Now, in no particular order (except for #1 of course really irking me since I can't buy it)

Brilliant shows canceled in 4 seasons or less:

  1. Journeyman - OMG, I loved this show!  Yet, for some reason, NBC not only canceled it but has not released in on DVD yet (even though they did manage to release the extremely disappointing attempt at re-booting "The Bionic Woman."  WTF?!
  2. Tru Calling - the show was really getting interesting with the addition of Jason Priestley to the cast and then, BOOM, Fox originally agreed to a 2nd season, then cut back the number of eps and then, abruptly canned it.  Sorry Eliza, maybe you should have chosen the proposed "Faith" BTVS spin-off instead of this project -- it probably would have had more staying power thanks to carry-over BTVS fans.
  3. Dead Like Me - I adored this show, but the lameass movie (which did not involve the brilliant Bryan Fuller) was a steaming pile of shit, imo.
  4. Wonderfalls - another amazing creation from the mind of Bryan Fuller, another eclectic show which I loved from the get-go.  Another time that FOX fucked me over by canceling something I loved!
  5. Pushing Daisies - (to complete my Bryan Fuller trifecta) the cast was stellar, the colours were vivid, the plot was engaging and interesting.  It was brilliant!
  6. Wonder Woman - How could you not adore Lynda Carter?
  7. Thundercats - the only cartoon I am going to put on the list - although there were over 60 episodes, they were still considered to be contained within 2 seasons.
  8. Dark Angel - When it first started, I thought Max (portrayed by Jessica Alba) was set to be kind of a Faith rip-off since I thought she and Eliza Dushku bore quite a resemblance to one another, but the show hooked me quickly.  While I wasn't a huge fan of the story arc in S2, though the bumped up presence of Jensen Ackles as Alec certainly helped the show,  I did think that James Cameron was going to have something really awesome for S3 if the show had not been canned.
  9. V: the original series - Yes, I mean the 80s version!!! Marc Singer in all his open-shirted, tight jeans glory... the 2010 re-launch, as much as I love Morena, does not touch the emotional mood of the original!
  10. Kindred:  The Embraced - though this one was canceled due to the tragic death of lead actor, Mark Frankel, who played Julian Luna.  Yes, Jeff Kober was far too pretty back then to be a Nosferatu (imo) but I did really enjoy the show.  Fun fact, the character, Starkweather , who was in one episode was played by actor, Nicky Katt, who played Marc Singer's son in V.
  11. Forever Knight - fantastic Canadian vampire show!  Characters with depth and flaws and the highlight was Nigel Bennett's portrayal of LaCroix.  I will say though that when Angel first started, I thought Joss Whedon was ripping off FK a bit.
  12. Flight of the Conchords - OMG, I adore this show ("Too many dicks on the dance floor" is probably my fav song from the show) and, for once, it was my soul sister* who hooked me on a show rather than me hooking her on one.
  13. Swingtown - this was an interesting show about a couple who moved to a new neighbourhood in their town and became good friends with another couple who were swingers.  Fun show!
  14. Freaks & Geeks - just a fantastic show that was canceled too soon.  It took me ages to realize that main actor John Francis Daley (Sam) now appears as Dr. Lance Sweets on "Bones".
  15. Roswell-This show was another that I really loved as a whole but felt it went downhill in S3.
  16. Invasion-I *still* really wish I knew where this one was going to go if they'd had a second season.
  17. Coupling (UK) - OMG, this show was just brilliant, although the last season sorely suffered for the loss of Richard Coyle as the bumbling, bizarre Jeff Murdock.
  18. The 4400 - I thought this show was awesome and ended too soon. 
  19. Black Adder (Black Adder I, II, III & Black Adder Goes Forth) - Rowan Atkinson is fucking brilliant!  He is a comedic genius and Black Adder is FAR more entertaining than Mr. Bean (even though that series seems to be more widely known) also, "House" fans will love seeing Hugh Laurie with his real accent! Black Adder II is my fav of them all!
  20. Firefly - Cpt. Tightpants! A Man Called Jane! Firefly is yet another amazing show that was fucked over by Fox.  Hola Browncoats!
  21. Better off Ted -Hilarious!  And did you notice the Dalek in the basement?
  22. Dollhouse - this one really picked up by the S1 ep, "Man on the Street" but it was another time where Fox fucked over Joss Whedon and TV fans.  Man, FOX pisses me off!
  23. Greg the Bunny - So freakin' funny! plus, I have mad love for Seth Green.
  24. Reaper - I am an unabashed fan of Tyler Labine and Ray Wise makes an AWESOME Devil.
  25. Point Pleasant -Daughter of Satan, good vs evil - good times!
  26. Torchwood????? - I am not sure if this show is returning or not, but I really didn't care for the way the Children of Earth 5-parter ended. Whereas the end of season 2 ripped my guts out, it was that emotionally charged!
  27. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - who would've EVER thought that Brian Austin Green could end up so damn sexy???
  28. Gravity - I do NOT own this one, but I just found out it was canceled so I am adding it to this list anyway!

 Shows that had 5 or more seasons that I think were canceled too soon:

  1. Angel
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
  3. Little House on the Prairie (just because I loved it so much - the storylines went downhill well before the end)

Shows that I currently love that haven't been canceled and I hope last longer:

  1. Cougartown
  2. Fringe
  3. How I Met Your Mother
  4. Mike & Molly
  5. The Vampire Diaries
  6. Dexter
  7. True Blood
  8. Californication
  9. Chuck
  10. Glee (though I am rapidly falling OUT of love with it this season thanks to forced themes, songs and characterizations)
  11. So You Think You Can Dance Canada
  12. So You Think You Can Dance (U.S.) - though this was the original, it's gone downhill since I fell in love with it originally.  S2 is still, by far, my favourite and, here's a fun fact, in S2 Heather Morris (Brittany from "Glee") auditioned with her best friend Ben Susak.  he made the Top 20 and she, sadly, did not.
** This post has taken a long time to write so, although I could add more, I will stop here.

 Definition of soul sister:
*soul sister = C.  who has been my friend since September 1986.  We share the same birthday (though I am 3 yrs older) and, her fiancee has the same birthday (different years though) as Hubs!


  1. I loved Journeyman! Kevin McKidd is soooo hot. Of course I enjoyed him on Rome. If you haven't checked that out, you should. Firefly and 4400 I also own on DVD. I loved Millenium which ended way too soon. Also, Jericho which I really liked. There are so many I miss. I think I watch too much TV

    The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Chuck, The League, Damages, Justified, Terriers, House are just of few of my favs right now.

  2. Pushing Daisies!! I loved that show and was very disappointed it ended. My husband says the world wasn't ready for something that different on TV. Jericho was really good too!

  3. We have so many TV shows in common! I loved Pushing Daisies, Tru Calling, Dead Like Me - did you see the direct to DVD "season" it was more like a movie but it was pretty good, Black Adder - I still watch this all the time even though I have seen everyone a million times and I totally cried when they canceled Forever Knight and I was really disappointed when they canceled Reaper.

    My Current Fav's list is so long but, Glee (I agree with you about falling out of love with it though), True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Grey's anatomy, Chuck, Mike & Molly, Cougar Town, Raising Hope, The Big Bang Theory, Shit my Dad says, Dexter, How I met Your Mother and the list goes on and on...

  4. Out of those, I think the only ones I loved were Pushing Daisies and Freaks & Geeks. But yeah, it really sucks to love a show and then discover that it's been canceled.

  5. I also love Big Bang Theory and I watch Supernatural, Smallville but don't LOVE them anymore...

  6. OMG, V from the 80's ROCKED!! I loved that show and was SO hooked on it. My favorite character was the guy who played in the Freddie Krueger movies.
    And Firefly was awesome, awesome (and did I say awesome?) I just watched the entire series in one week for the second time this year. Sigh. I miss that show.

  7. Firefly!!!

    When I first came across this show, it had already been canceled. My friends said "You need to watch this. It's a sci-fy, futuristic western." I was hesitant, and really didn't want to, but holy cow! That show is so amusing.

    As for Glee, I could never get into it. I went to school in Ada, Oh. The town is super tiny, so if you want anything you go to Lima. It's like, 20 mins. away. That's where the mall is, mcdonalds, and wal-mart. Anywho, Lima sucks. It's terrible, and Lima Senior is one of the worst schools I've ever been in. (I had to do field experience there.) So, whenever I try to watch the show, I get caught up in how 'wrong' it is. I try to ignore it, but as soon as they mention 'Lima' or show the school buses, I get annoyed. Haha! (I do find it amusing how they brought a lot of attention back to Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've had students ask me about the original, after watching the show.)

  8. I want to watch Freaks and Geeks and Dead Like Me. Both shows have gotten really good reviews. As for True Blood, that show isn't going anywhere. Tons and tons of people watch it. I freakin' love it! Lots of hot guys in it, too, which is a big plus. LOL. I want to get into Glee, but a lot of people have said it hasn't been as good lately. My favorite TV shows: Lost, Mad Men, The Wire, and True Blood. :-)