Thursday, December 9, 2010

My friend has made a concrete goal

I was just commenting on blog of my friend, Sandy @ Getting Fit & Loving It.  Her hubby, Barry @ Life In Quotations is the best friend of Hubs.

The boys actually went to high school together.

But, I digress.

Anyway, Sandy was brave enough to set a bikini-ready date for herself.

I am not prepared to do that - although I do expect to be rocking a nice one-piece next summer.

Why am I bikini shy?

Well, I suppose it's in part because of my c-section with Baby Girl being so recent that even though I am losing, the tummy is the toughest area.

Plus, the first time I wore a bikini, I was 16. And the bikini in question was a hand-me-down from one of my older sisters.

The next time I wore one, was after I left Son's father and I was about 210 lbs.

Here's the posed to emphasize my assets shot:

Here's a no way to hide the flaws shot taken about a month  and a bit later.

The whole reason for the bikini was to tan on the deck.

Now, those two pics were from the Summer of 2006.

Let's jump ahead 4 years and here is the most recent pic I have of me in a bathing suit which was taken on August 20th of this year and I was 266 lbs.

So I am OK with wearing a bathing suit, but I don't have wearing a bikini again as a goal.  I am now wondering what I'd look like if I put the above swimsuit on at this weight though...

So here it is - and I have to say - I don not see a discernible difference... (except for my fading bruises re: the couch)


  1. I've been kind of embarrassed to wear a bathing suit and to go to the beach ever since I gained weight, but I hope to be able to overcome that this summer.

    I like your bathing suit in the last pic.

  2. This is precisely why you are going to succeed. Confidence. Yes, you! You've got it. And by next summer, you'll be showing it!

  3. You are so brave- i applaud you greatly!

    I have a ton of underwear pics i have taken since i started on 10th aug, but i am not brave enough to put them on my site...maybe someday

    So proud of you!!


  4. I see the difference! I bet you would too if you were holding T in that last photo.

  5. Aww thanks Lesley!! I don't snap underwear pics because Hubs would get far too excited! LOL! What I look fwd to is having a pic of me in a cute new outfit at some point ;)

    @1G1D1Y -- Hubs made a similar comment saying that there is more of a shape to me from bust to hips now & that he can tell I have less tummy and smaller thighs.