Monday, December 6, 2010

I hate the feel of a migraine in the morning (Day 137)

weight: 230.6 lbs  <--- edited from 231.4 after I had a bowel movement - LOL!

My head is throbbing fiercely this morning.  My stomach is churning and I feel rather awful.  My throat is sore again (it had been feeling marginally improved on Saturday and Sunday) - though that could be because of a lengthy phone call I had with my friend last night.

I think I am going to have some lemon and honey with hot water - or maybe do it like I did previously by also adding some apple cider vinegar and cinnamon because I actually enjoyed the taste of that concoction more than just the honey, lemon juice and water.

I wasn't online much yesterday.  It turned into more of a mental health day for me and I spent the day reading a few books, plus feeding and cuddling Baby Girl.

Last night Son wanted some Mommy cuddle time one-on-one so we had a nice cuddle and a talk for 45 minutes before he went to bed.

Baby Girl was still stubborn about sleeping, though not quite as bad as she was the night before.

Tonight 1G1D1Y and M and myself are getting together to work out again so I need to feel better by 7 p.m. because it was really fun the other night, way more emotionally safe than boot camp, but we still worked out and worked up a good sweat.

The only awkward thing was getting the stuff from my place to the community center.  I need to find my back pack (which 1G1D1Y gave me for when I went into the hospital to have Baby Girl) and try carrying some of the items that way tonight...

I think I will get around to watching last wk's eps of Vampire Diaries, Supernatural & Smallville this morning while I drink something for my throat and then take some meds for my head.

Edited to add: I joined a challenge posted by my blogosphere friend, Ellen... please join it with me!

Fat Girl Wearing Thin


  1. I will be picking up some 5lb I weights this weekend for sure. Sorry I don't have more just yet! I can walk down there tonight to help you carry the ball.

  2. sounds good! In the meantime, shoot me some migraine-destruction vibes :)

  3. I hope you're feeling better. I hate waking up with a headache :(

  4. LOL it is always good to get the weigh in after all output has been, well, outputted.

    Congrats on your loss

  5. Migraines SUCK serious donkey balls. Hope you are feeling better.

    Always take a poop before you weigh! :)