Sunday, December 26, 2010

Been a busy day

Sorry I haven't had a chance to do any blog reading.

Last night I actually went out to my old stomping grounds to socialize and dance (for the first time since maybe 2008).

Then today I went out and checked out some Boxing Day sales.  Thankfully I avoided the mall I worked in years ago since there was a mob of girls since Justin Bieber was shopping there today.

(That's actually the mall where I bought those size 16 jeans I posted me wearing not that long ago).

Speaking of jeans - I fit into the OLD 14s last night (though they made a muffin top).  No pic though - I'll throw them on at some point to show everyone.

Hooked up the wii for the kids and on the fitness test thing it said I was 46 *cries* but I blame the baseball thing - I totally blew that one!  LOL!


  1. I love my wii, but it can really piss me off on the age thing. I suck at the baseball game.. Happy Holidays..

  2. Yeah, ditto what Debbie said. That age thing on the Wii really ticks me off too. LOL Way to go fitting into those 14's! That's awesome! :)

  3. Look at you!! Fitting into size 14 jeans. Now look back at the photo on your blog. Maybe it is time to change that to something closer to reality. You have done SUCH a wonderful job with your weight. I am so happy for you and cannot wait to get to where my 14s are comfortable and fit properly. Jeans are especially tough, I think. Right now, I cannot get mine over my butt and, if I could, I would not be able to button them or zip them.

    Back to the gym for me. For you, a high five!! You go, girl!

  4. OK with wii fit plus start up test thingy on the balance baord it gives my age as 43.