Monday, November 22, 2010

Someone tell me how to fix my blog, please!

It's still messed up. If you comment, on the comment page -- my
sidebars and gadgets all appear as per normal.

But otherwise -- they are MIA when viewing my blog as a whole.

This is really frustrating me!



  1. Try adjusting the width of your blog in the Template Designer, Adjust Widths. Maybe that might help? I am taking a guess that the left column might have something in it that is too large for the width of the blog itself.

  2. It does look like your right column is too small, and your left is too wide.. I wish I could help any other way.. :(

  3. See that would make sense - adjusting the width, but then why does everything show up normally when I am commenting or looking at comments?

  4. Aye aye aye. If only I were smarter. Glad someone replied to your help question. No one is helping me and my stupid problem. Good luck.

    Blogger was devised to try us...