Saturday, November 6, 2010

My 3rd post of the day and it's not even noon!

I saw a family member yesterday who I haven't seen since August (when I was 25 lbs heavier).

She mentioned that I look thinner in the face and the body.

It was nice to hear.

Hubs and I were talking the other day because it seems as if my double chin is almost completely GONE.  And that makes me very, very happy!

My weight loss is stagnating at the moment.  I need to stop injuring myself at boot camp because then it also means that I am not completing 30 mins of cardio a day either.

Later today or tomorrow I need to get a Pilates mat (for when I am doing floor work at home since we don't have carpeting), flexible knee protection and maybe a tensor bandage for the spot on my left thigh I keep injuring.


I sent Hubs out to the Farmer's Market this morning because we've eaten a lot of crap in the past week.  Having to be home for some repairs equaled not doing normal grocery shopping which lead to some shitty eating (especially yesterday when we were out and about all day).

I really need to get off the com and make a breakfast smoothie...


  1. It's always nice when people notice good changes :)

  2. all of this gear you are going to be getting feels like you're prepping for a military fight (well, I guess it IS boot camp). Glad to see that you are going to be protecting those knees. That and the back can knock me flat if either of those things are in pain. Good luck.