Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 103

Now on to my more regular posting.

Weight: 240.8 lbs

I attended boot camp last night and it seems evident that I will have to do modifications on some of the exercises.

There are only 2 of us in the class who are over 200 lbs and there are some things that, with how our fat is individually distributed, we cannot do as shown.

As well, I definitely need to get supports for my knees (but the knee braces at Shoppers Drug Mart were all too small as I need it to accommodate 25 inches width above my knees and 20 inches width below them.

(Yes, most of my excess lies from my knees to my belly button).

And I hurt my left leg in the same spot as I hurt myself last time except this time it felt more like a balloon popping and then someone stabbing me in that area.

Had to stop for an ice pack on the way home and then soaked in a tub of eucalyptus scented Epsom salts.

1G1D1Y has given me her scale for the moment to have a break from the addiction to the numbers since that can be an unhealthy fixation, especially when they aren't changing as much as one would like to see.

Yesterday afternoon I was practicing sit-ups while playing on the floor with Baby Girl and BG seemed to find it amusing.

I also lifted BG into the air and down again while I was on the floor for 12 reps.

Yes, Mommies of the world -- babies enjoy being used as weights!


  1. Thank God for bathtubs. Hope your leg feels better soon, and SO glad you decided to get the pads. Modification will only be temporary, Jayne!! :)

  2. I give you props for even going and trying it! You are modifying those exercises you are having problems with and that's awesome!

    I would have said "Eff this. Peace out!" if I couldn't do what everyone else did. I'm not a good group exerciser.

  3. By the way, I left a little game on my blog for you. Be afraid....be very afraid! :)

  4. @Ellen - did I mention that my knees are bruised? OWWIE!

    @TFM - answered and tagged 4 friends :>

  5. I applaud you for being able to do boot camp about 200lbs. I'm below 170 now and I still wouldn't be able to do bootcamp (I could try of course, but I'm in terrible shape)