Thursday, November 4, 2010

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So last night Hubs, myself and two of our friends went together to see Kevin Smith perform.  My sister was also there but she had a better seat even though she bought her ticket that very day.

I took a picture of her with a Kevin Smith lookalike (though he was much shorter than Kevin).

Now, I adore Kevin Smith, and have done so since I first saw "Clerks."

I own all 3 of the Evening with Kevin Smith DVDs.  So I went into last night with high hopes and he did NOT disappoint me!

I actually laughed so much last night that I had pain at the end of my jaw today.

He was engaging, intelligent and far more reflective and introspective in this live performance than in the Evening DVDs I've watched.

It really felt like he was tuned into the universe and was "where the puck is going to be" as opposed to "where the puck was" as he was saying during the show last night.

He spoke quite a bit about Walter Gretzky, and all he'd done for his son, Wayne and I teared up.  And I am a Canadian who does NOT like hockey.

He also got me when he was talking about the late, great, amazing and irreplaceable George Carlin.

One of the coolest moments was when he mentioned loving Hal Hartley's brilliant movie, "Trust" (my VHS copy of it was misappropriated by the ex-cousin-in-law of my ex and it still hasn't been released for R1 on DVD yet).

He also did a bit where he said, "I want my two dollars!" which I took as a total shout-out to a movie I love called, "Better Off Dead."

All in all, I think he seemed more mature and he seemed to fall into the self-depreciation out of force of habit rather than actually still feeling that way.  I think he has a good handle on who he is now and he accepts and loves himself more than he seemed to in the past.

Of course, I really love to read into things so I could just be nuts - who knows?

Kevin spoke for almost 4 hours.

A handful of people got to ask questions (though the questions weren't that good, people were asking more than one and a bunch of people were whoring out their bdays -- I wish Hubs and I could have since the tickets were our bday presents to ourselves).

A FB friend of mine was actually in line to ask a question behind the last questioner (who did all the questions from "Inside the Actor's Studio") so she was really disappointed and pissed off.

I had a fantastic time and 1G1D1Y was babysitting Baby Girl for me whilst Son was with R.'s boys.  Of course, we hadn't realized we would be out so late so today 1G1D1Y tweeted Kevin Smith... and gave him hell for running late and he responded.

But I can't post it since it links closer to my IRL identity - but it was cool!

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