Monday, November 1, 2010

Boot Camp again tonight and I'm feeling a little scared

My knees and upper legs were killing me for days.

Today is the first day since Wednesday where I could get off a chair without feeling pain between my knee and hips.

I just googled it and the part of my legs that hurt SO MUCH is:

Rectus Femoris
The Rectus Femoris is the muscle between Vastus Medialis and Vastus Lateralis. Its function is to help extend the knee, but the rectus femoris also acts as a hip flexor. Hip flexor => When you lift the knee in front of your stomach.

As well, the tops of my knees are still hurting. Am wondering if I should pick up some of those knee pads or athletic knee cuff things.



  1. I did weights yesterday for the first time in months ... my muscles ache today.

  2. Jayne, you do whatever you've got to do to make yourself comfortable. If you hurt too much now, it will limit your activity later (or at the very least make you miserable in the process). Take care of those legs!