Friday, October 22, 2010

My arm hurts - aka my owwie appointment at the DR

Today I went to my family DR to get his OK for signing up for a weight loss boot-camp.

It's a 6 week boot camp with 2 "camps" per week.

Though I am already scheduled for things on the first Mon and the 2nd Wednesday so I'll only be attending 10 of the 12 sessions but I still really hope that I'll be able to make some advances in my health and ability levels.

Also, my DR took 3 vials of blood to test my blood sugar, my thyroid and my iron levels since my naturopath was asking me at my prior appointment what my results on my last thyroid test were. When I asked my DR, he said since it was over a year ago he'd just have my blood drawn today and get me re-tested.

Then I got him to use some liquid nitrogen on something that I've hated for awhile... a skin tag.

I was too much of a chicken (and a tightwad) to buy the skin tag remover kit for over $30 before tax at Shoppers Drug Mart, plus I only have ONE skin tag (on my left arm).

So he treated it and it's supposed to get worse looking and then hopefully scab up and eventually be gone. Though I was warned that it might require one more treatment.

Still, if it's gone in one - it only cost me $15.

He was pleased that I've lost weight and that I am under my pre-pregnancy weight and he asked if I am getting support at home re: better eating.

I think it was the most congenial he's ever been with me in my over 8 years as a patient.

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