Friday, October 29, 2010

The healing power of orgasm - TMI

Yep, this one is possibly going to be TMI.  Not like intricate details or anything but not knowing who might be looking, I'll try using Blogger's handy-dandy break icon so if you click it -- you've been forewarned!

So I had been warned that I might very well feel worse two days after boot camp.

I haven't walked much as of today so I can't comment on that. But last night I was just SOOOOOOOOO uncomfortable.

It hurt to get into a chair, it hurt to change the side I slept on in bed, it hurt like HELL to get up all the stairs in our townhouse.

So Hubs, very gallantly, agreed to stay up once Baby girl was asleep to massage my legs with oil.  Specifically where I hurt the most - knee to hip.

Since it hurt to move, I stayed very still and enjoyed it.

Then it was like the porn music started in our heads and I'd say we fooled around but really,I couldn't move very much so other than kissing and hugging and some caressing, I didn't do much compared to Hubs.

And since we have not had any actual intercourse since having Baby Girl - it's not as much fun for Hubs as it is for me... since we are using mouths and hands only until he gets in for the Big V.

But holy crap, it was really, really GOOD!

I suddenly felt like I could get up and walk or jump or run once that release brought me into a different awareness of myself.

Then, I tried to move.


Nope - still in a ton of pain, the orgasm was like a placebo effect - tricking me into thinking I was free from my post-exercise prison of pain.

Still -- hot damn!!


  1. hahaha - I would love a forced time of no actual intercourse just playing... after 8 years of marriage you dont "play" as much as you should... need to work on that!


  2. @Christina - not me - I miss intercourse like crazy! But I don't want to risk it since Baby Girl was conceived while we were using condoms.