Thursday, October 14, 2010

A head full of phlegm and a belly full of gas


I feel horrible today. I am full of phlegm and gassy as hell from the damn Burger King onion rings I had last night.


I skipped with the rope in the living room for the same amount of time as yesterday - 2 minutes, and then spat up a giant ball of phlegm into a tissue.


This is the first time I've felt actually SICK in awhile (not counting headaches, migraines or the times when I've banged some part of myself into something hard and immobile).

Not sure how I am going to get my exercise in today but right now I kind of feel like puking.


  1. mmmm burger king. It is fun to think about. I remember the last time I had KFC. I was sooo sick afterward and didn't know why I ate it in the first place. Thanks for popping by my blog. Great to meet another Canadian. i am now following. Hope you feel better soon

  2. Thanks! I think I am going to have some cream of potato soup for lunch - it's the ultimate in comfort foods but since I can throw spinach and carrots in - it's not as bad as my old-school "go-to" comfort foods.

  3. You poor thing! Kudos for exercising when you're feeling sick though, that's a killer :) Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Eeewwww. Gross. Hope you are better soon.