Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eff you Oreo Double-stuff cookies!

So, my Son brought home a box of Oreo double-stuff cookies that he got while with his father this weekend.  However, it was hidden in his bag.

He brought them down to Hubs last night while I was at CPR training.  Well, now there they are, in the kitchen.

Son, who is pretty good with sharing, asked if I wanted some and I said, "No."

That being said -- I want those effing cookies out of my house!



  1. OMG! Double stuffed Oreos are the devil! The devil I tell you! Anything that tastes that damn good and can make you eat the entire packing in one sitting must be the devil.

    MMMMMMM, I'm foaming at the mouth.

  2. OK, this is funny because your comment popped into my email just after I posted a reply on your "if you can't say something nice..." entry!

    Jinx - we owe each other more willpower ;)

  3. Throw them in the garbage and then toss the cat litter in after them.

  4. PS I think my MIL doesn't like me because I'm the "mean ole wicked step-mother" to her never can do no wrong only grandchild. Don't get me started. :)

  5. Those are thee damn devil...much scarier though ...damn oreos. lol

  6. @Lanie - I can't do that because they are for Son... but I have asked that things like that not be sent home with him.