Wednesday, September 22, 2010

had a bit of a stressy weekend

Just re: the kids.

Spent Sunday at my in-laws (whom I adore) but the food choices there are never the best and my MIL is always offering SOMETHING to the kids, Hubs and myself.

Nonetheless, I've still dropped a bit.

Weight: 254.8 lbs

I do think that I am doing OK with my weight loss because I am feeling happier and more determined. Though sometimes I find myself getting upset that I didn't get focused on my health sooner.

When I compare how much I've lost so far, I look back and wonder where I'd be at if I'd started this in April instead of the end of July.

Why I feel the need to beat myself up about it, I do not know.

Anyway - go me! I'm doing really well!

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