Thursday, September 16, 2010

258.0 lbs!

OK so that means a 20 lb loss since July 23rd when I started this blog!

weight: 258.0

And from my last weigh-in before giving birth the last time - it's a 38 lb loss.

Had I been more focused on weight loss after giving birth I'd be way lower by now BUT any loss is a move in the right direction so let's take a moment and do an "I lost 20 lbs in 55 days" dance.

That's an approx loss of 0.36 lbs per day. Or about 2.5 lbs lost per week.

Since I re-adjusted my goal weight to 175 lbs (rather than 160) I am trying to look at how long it could take me to get there.

I need to lose 83 lbs from today to hit 175 (unless after I see the naturopath I end up re-evaluating my weight goals again).

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