Sunday, August 1, 2010

What kind of fat person am I?

fictional character John Bender (from The Breakfast Club):

...there are two kinds of fat people: there's fat people that were born to be fat, and there's fat people that were once thin but became fat... so when you look at 'em you can sorta see that thin person inside.

So yesterday I got together with an old friend I haven't seen since elementary school.

Yeah, GRADE 6!

So the last time we saw each other, we were 11 years old.

I have my old "School day Treasures" book in my hand but my Mom didn't record my height and weight for grades 2 through 6. However, in grade 7 I was listed as 74 lbs (not sure of my height but in Grade 8 I was 4 ft 11).

So here we were with me 202 lbs later and almost 27 years older.

She said she would have recognized me because my face is the same.

I agree with that - even looking at a baby pic of me under the age of 1 - my face and expression seem the same, just smaller, but distinctly recognizable.

So am I someone who was meant to be fat or is it that people still see the thin person inside of me?

weight: 276.4 lbs (no change)

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