Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Look -- an update!

weight: 264.4

I was all prepared to log in and have a lot to bitch about because I've been really demotivated and feeling bad about myself when, low and behold, I've dropped a little.

I actually feel excited right now.

Fatsecret says it will take 12 months to get to my goal weight at my current pace - which is OK though sometimes I lose more than anticipated and then it lessens my timeline to goal weight and when I stay the same, it extends it.

I wish it could just average it by my monthly loss.

So - a friend was talking to me about food combining and how that can really help kickstart weight loss.

And I remembered that years ago I had bought a book about it. I dug it up and it is "Somersizing" by Suzanne Sommers but it's funny because she calls carbs "carbos" and frankly, there are some things I like eating together.

I like my fruit smoothies made with yogurt and almond milk - I don't want to make them with water or juice.

Also, she likes using artificial sweeteners - which I don't like.

But there may be some things in her book that I can try to incorporate into our evolving lifestyle.

On the sex front -- I am still not putting out because i still don't really feel sexy and I am afraid I'd get pregnant again. Had a dream the other night that after our youngest that we had twins.

Don't even know if they were boys or girls or one of each but the plan is no more babies in this house so it's kind of good that i feel unsexy because that helps ensure there are no more babies.

I really need to get some protein powder for my smoothies because I do not consume enough protein and it is supposed to help you build muscles and muscles help you burn fat.

Then other things I read say I need to consume less carbs so that I burn the fat I carry as fuel rather than creating more fuel.

But isn't that kind of what the Atkins diet is for?

I am making slow progess with the small changes I am making and I am OK with that. But I still feel like maybe there is one magical way out there that is right for me that will help me lose a little faster.

I read a bit about the Blood Type diet but I am a Type A and that's apparently mostly vegetarian which makes me say a big huge YUCK!

It was suggested that I consider getting up really early to workout but for the elliptical of naughty noises - it's LOUD and I like to have loud music going or if I am walking, I'd be too scared to go for a walk outside when there's not a lot of traffic for safety reasons.

Yep, I worry that some degenerate might want to attack me if I am out there alone.

We did manage to go for a family walk last night. So that's good too!


  1. You looked very pretty today, honey

  2. Hey girl. Firstly, I hate to tell you this, which I'm sure you already know, but there's no magic pill, formula, whatever. It's gonna take time. Just stick with it and don't ever give up on yourself.
    As far as sex is concerned .... I had very similar body issues for a long (I do mean long) time. Have you considered getting your tubes tied? Or him having a vasectomy? Hell, even condoms will work wonders. I never relied on them myself. First it was the pill, then it was a tubal ligation (which, if you definitely do not want more children, is a very smart thing to do in my opinion ... but it depends on how old you are and what your doctor is like) and eventually I had a hysterecomy because of the PMDD. I have ovaries, and THAT'S it. Didn't want to end up in menopause at 42.
    Just remember that your husband loves you and sex is an important part of marriage. I'm on a kick with this lately, given my recent post. Not wanting to get pregnant is a pretty good reason but there are ways of combating that.
    There are different protein powders out there ... my fav is Myoplex ... my sister tells me there's something from Shoppers Drug Mart that's really good and I can't remember the name of it ... I can check if you want.
    Have a good night, try to stay consistent with getting exercise and eating healthy ... remember ... lots of fruits and veggies ... and don't ever give up!

  3. I was at Shoppers and saw a ton but had no clue about them. Greens + this and ____ that and whatever.