Sunday, August 15, 2010

How much body fat should a healthy person have?

Hmmn, so since the new scale does my body fat percentage as well as my weight here's what my amazing math skills have figured out.

If I punch my weight into my computer's calculator and then divide it by my body fat percentage and then hit the percent key that gives me the amount of pounds I have in actual fat.

(BTW, if anyone with better math skills than my own, as, I confess, math is not my friend -- feels this calculation is incorrect - please let me know).

Well, using my calculation - my body fat in pounds is 130 lbs.

However, I want to lose (from this point forward) 108 lbs which would leave me with only 22 lbs of fat (Approximately 14% fat).

That doesn't seem like enough body fat unless my breasts and ass completely disappear (which I do not see happening) so does that mean my current goal is unrealistic?

Or unhealthy?

Edited to add: so I googled my question and according to THIS WEBSITE
a woman between the ages of 31 - 40 should have a body fat percentage between 21 and 33 %.

However, THIS WEBSITE states:

The American Council on Exercise recommends the following percentages:

Essential fat

  • Women 10-12%
  • Men 2-4%
Total fat

  • Athletes

    • Men 6-13%
    • Women 14-20%
  • Non-athletes classed as fit

    • Men 14-17%%
    • Women 21-24
  • Acceptable

    • Men 18-25%
    • Women 25-31%
  • Overweight

    • Men 26-37%
    • Women 32-41%
  • Obese

    • Men 38% or more
    • Women 42% or more
So if I still aim for 160, I'd need to retain 33.6 lbs of fat.

How do I do that? Unless I end up losing some muscle?

I am so confused right now.

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