Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm sweating!

OK 22 minutes on the elliptical of naughty noises - maybe I should call it ENN???

Anyway, got Hubs to take the kids upstairs to watch a movie but he really seemed to be stalling. Then before he went up he was complaining about the lack of chocolate and chips in the house.

I told him to eat some baby carrots and I got bitched at.

Seriously, he needs to make up his mind to either be fully supportive of healthy lifestyle changes for the whole family and vocalize or he needs to SHUT UP!!!!!

Because whether anyone in this family likes it or not -- we've got to change our ways. And it really feels like it will be now or never.

For supper I had 1 lean hamburger patty. Meat is from the farmer's market and the patty has no filler - just beef (and garlic powder and black pepper).

Had two tsp of Diana's honey garlic sauce on it and a slice of processed Velveeta.

For snack I had 1 evil 2 bite cupcake but I didn't eat the frosting and just before my workout I had a Skippy PB sandwich.

Had 1 500 ml bottle of water during workout and half a bottle while typing this.

Now it's time for a shower!

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